• Helping you grow your creative business

  • Creative businesses aren't like other businesses.


    For a start, they're full of creative people.




    So when you want a hand with your creative business you need someone who doesn't just understand business, but understands YOUR businesses.


    Someone who's actually run creative businesses, and understands the challenges involved.


    113 Partners provides a range of strategic services to assist business owners increase revenue and decrease costs.


    We're all about bottom line profits.

  • Growth Management


    Growing is a good thing, right?


    It is if you plan and manage it properly.


    Planning for and structuring your growth from the outset means that you're building a business with a strong and solid foundation. So as your team grows, and your revenues grow, your profit grows too.


    113 Partners are experts in assisting creative businesses plan for structured, sustainable, profitable growth. Our hands-on, practical, and pragmatic approach to growth gives you the tools you need to take your creative business to the next level.


  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Whether you're looking to buy another business to add scale and diversify your offering, or sell part or all of your business to an investor, we're here to help. 113 Partners have the practical legal, financial, and business experience needed to help you navigate the complexities of business transactions.


    Remember - the earlier you talk to us, the more we can do to help.

  • Exit & Succession Planning

    Your business is an asset. You've spent a long time building it up, so it's important you plan about realising its value in the future. Whether that's selling up, maintaining a passive revenue stream, or handing on your legacy to your staff or family, 113 Partners can help you understand what your options are and what you need to get there.

  • How We Work

    We're flexible. We recognise that every business is different, and that everyone has a different way of working.

    One Off Projects

    Some of our clients use us for specific projects like putting together a grant application, preparing an Information Memorandum, opening a new office, or conducting a business review.

    Ongoing Support

    Other clients like to have us work alongside them to help grow and develop their businesses over time.

    Ad hoc

    And other clients just need a hand for a day or two here and there to solve a problem, provide some strategic thinking, or something else that we're good at.

  • Our Services

    113 Partners provides you with all the support that you need to grow your creative business


    Whether it's top-line planning around budgeting and forecasting; day-to-day activites like cashflow management and liaison with your accountant; or preparation of an R&D tax incentive claim, EMDG application, or preparation of a Producer Offset QAPE report, 113 Partners has the right resource to assist you.


    Building a business is a bit like building a house. You need good foundations or as you grow you'll be in trouble. We can support you with building out the operational infrastructure that you need to navigate towards sustainable growth.


    Our legal partners provide specialist experience in entertainment, media, and creative industries. Whether you're after a review of your terms and conditions to engage with your clients, need help with your IP protection, or are preparing to buy or sell a business, we'll have the right partner to help.


    It's great that you've built your business, but you need clients too! Whether it's building a website, getting your social media humming, or getting access to a completely outsourced marketing department, we have you covered.

  • Meet the Team

    113 Partners is a collective of talented individuals and trusted businesses who have a shared passion for growing creative businesses

    Ian Murray

    Ian Murray


    With over 20 years of experience either running or as a strategic adviser to Australia’s most cutting edge creative businesses, Ian has become one of Australia's most trusted advisors to media, entertainment, and creative industry businesses. He brings a wealth of insights, access to strategic partnerships, and on the ground experience to his clients.


    Jennifer Wilson

    Jennifer Wilson


    Jennifer has spent more than 25 years working in interactive consumer applications, focussing on story and play to engage and grow audiences. She is passionate about seamless engagement across multiple platforms coupled with excellence in consumer experience.

    Fiona King

    Fiona King


    Fiona is one of Australia's leading independent lifestyle and entertainment marketing experts who has held leadership roles at Nine Entertainment Company, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, FOXTEL, Hamilton Island, and ACP Magazines. She has excellent stakeholder management skills and experience in high volume, fast-paced, rapid growth environments.

    Will Passas

    Will Passas


    Will is a forward-thinking accounting leader with an interest in building the most impactful cashflow outcomes for business owners. For over 10 years, Will has been helping creative entrepreneurs spend more time pursuing their passion by helping them stay in control of their financial position and plan ahead.


    By supporting entrepreneurs to do business with best-in-class technology, paired with access to professional and comprehensive advice on accounting and tax management, Will's enables his clients to thrive in business.

    Samantha Guthleben

    Samantha Guthleben

    Finance, Business & Operations

    Samantha is a finance, business and operational specialist with over 20 years’ experience working across the media, culture and arts industries. With post graduate qualifications in executive management, business and arts administration, Sam thrives on helping creatives to overcome challenges and achieve business success by finding innovative ways to distribute their products and finance operations.

    John Gregory

    John Gregory


    John has been a passionate participant in the screen production sector for almost 30 years. As VP Business Affairs at Grundy Worldwide he helped establish the Grundy TV formats business in Europe, South America and South East Asia. As GM of Beyond International, John worked on a broad slate of media deals with Australian and international Networks for one of the country’s leading indie prodcos. A co-founder of Freehand TV, John well understands that content producers can no longer rely on traditional TV business models instead pursuing new opportunities for reach, revenue and mutual benefit for creative collaborators.

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